Have A Ball: Happily Ever After Show Glow

March 3, 2011

Show producer & resident style expert, Sandra Michaan is your vintage Fairy Godmother for spring, transforming your rags to riches at The Point.

There’s no time like spring to inject some magic into your wardrobe and decorating scheme.  Whether you are the “champagne on a beer budget” type or you have plenty of disposable cash to spare every month for your shopping budget but enjoy a good deal, the Alameda Point Antiques Faire won’t let you down.

We were all treated to a glorious preview of spring weather at the February show after months of rainy shows to contend with, and dealers brought their best merchandise to satisfy the most discriminating shoppers.  Clear days make antiquing a true treasure hunt and there was no shortage of style inspiration at The Point.

Whether you’re after a lush decadent look or delightfully eclectic statement, dealers offered something for every mood, in every era.

Here I wave my magic collecting wand for spring fashion style:

Go for glittering glam in seductive 70’s staples.  The luxe look of the disco dress is back in full color. Every designer from Marc Jacobs to Armani has versions to offer at their boutiques but why not opt for the retro thing? Mix in metallic accessories and add hair ornaments and you’ll be transported back in time to Studio 54. Don’t stop there. The peasant blouse is not for the lower classes, it’s for the masses. Wear them with platform wood, or cork wedge sandals.  Finally, complete the 70’s look with wide legged trousers or calf length skirts. The 70’s were all about wearing strong color. Go for a wide range of shades ranging from mustard to pumpkin orange. Just don’t turn into a pumpkin!

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Runway

Opt for either a monochrome or a multi-colored outfit and accessorize it with belts, hats, as well as handbags. Besides wearing the right shoes, all of these details can actually make you the belle of the ball.

Get inspired from the current runway fashion collections by Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, & Marc Jacobs, since they are truly remarkable!

Show your LACE.  Lace can be used in many different mediums and styles. Look for 70′s bohemian lace like Ralph Lauren used in their ads and runways , or tablecloth lace from Dolce & Gabbana, lingerie inspired lace from Nina Ricci, and colored lace from Zac Posen. Lace can be used in full looks as well as a detail within trims and embellishments. This is a flirty fashion trend for spring as well as the summer season, 2011. ANTIQUE/TABLECLOTH LACE includes white and tea stained lace that channels the 70′s.  The mood is bohemian, western and romantic and the silhouettes include baby doll dresses, frilly blouses, and as I mentioned earlier peasant tops, and maxi dresses. White tablecloth lace was shown in splendor at Dolce & Gabbana ,who channeled 1950′s images of vintage Italian women.  The lace referenced here is larger and more exaggerated than the antique lace and incorporates crochet and white eyelet details into trims and patchwork layers. Style this up with feathers and 70’s fringe, cowboy boots, wooden wedges and Saint Tropez woven sandals.  This flirty style can be used in your dress and can also be incorporated as a curtain panel.

Antique lace looks

The look of lace is nostalgic and can be used for a subtle accent piece or a full length, wedding gown. There are plenty of lace options at the Point, from Victorian lace to machine-made lace. Whatever your mood, you can find the right bits to show off your romantic side. LINGERIE INSPIRED LACE describes a dressy delicate lace that was seen on the runways in New York with beaded embellishments and in combination with other fabrications such as sheer chiffon.  The mood of this style has a boudoir feel referencing Parisian burlesque and silhouettes from the 1920′s as well as the 1950′s Mad Men look, featuring delicate bows and floral embellishments in combination with sheer lace ruffles and satin details.  This classification is sexy and feminine and goes right along with 2011′s nod to glamour.

Balenciaga vintage lace gown, ca. 1951

These vintage styles will be bountiful at The Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire. On April 16, 2011 at the glamorous “O” club ballrooms, you will find prom gowns, ballgowns, & retro pin-up dresses from every era to fulfill your vintage fantasies. We have signed up some top dealers who are saving their best merchandise for this event to fulfill your spring and summer fashion needs.  You won’t want to miss it. (Join our Facebook page for updates).

No Godmother worth her weight would go without mentioning glass slippers. In this case, Lucite shoes. I found a pair of deadstock  (never worn) 4 inch, Lucite, platform heels at The Point in February for a mere $5.  That’s the price to get into our show and worth every penny. You know I will be strutting my stuff in these babies in a photo shoot and cutting a mean rug on the dance floor. Prince Charming will notice. If the shoe fits…buy it!

Marilyn Monroe lounging in lucite platform heels

So have a ball…happy hunting at The Point.

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