February 2011 Featured Dealer~Rusty Clover

March 2, 2011

Featured Dealers for February 2011, Katy Halligan & Collette Miller of Rusty Clover, based in Roseville, CA sell at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire every month. They bring their painted array of vintage merchandise from furniture to decorative accessories and style their booth into a wonderland of visual delight. They don’t have a permanent booth location but you can look for them in the Point Magazine, our free monthly program guide directory. You can also visit their blog at rustyclover.blogspot.com


Feathers & foliage

layers of vintage jewels

Beware of vintage magnifying glasses in the sun---FIRE!

Vintage mirrors reflecting more treasures

cherub without wings

Visit Rusty Clover this month at The Point and get lucky!

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