Flirty Tips and Trends for Your Funny Valentine

February 5, 2011

Our fearless Faire producer, Sandra Michaan takes you to the trenches to find the look of love… retro style.

Love is in the air. Or do I need an inhaler? Apparently, I need two since this winter has given me the flu and a very unsexy cough that won’t seem to go away but I digress. February is the month of LOVE. What better place than the Alameda Point Antiques Faire to find something sentimental for your beloved? If the romantic holiday fills you with dread, don’t despair; woo yourself for Valentines Day. After all, who knows you better? Find yourself the perfect love gift. Here are some shopping suggestions I gave in the latest issue of The Point Magazine (Feb/2011) for you retro lovers to get in the vintage Valentine spirit at The Point. Because February 14th will be here before you know it.

Ladies, wear a frilly frock with a vintage apron with heart shaped pockets and concoct some love for his tummy. Find some vintage bakeware at the point, such as cupcake pans & an old vintage rolling pin, (like one I found  at The Point with red handles) and head to the kitchen. Even if you’re single, bake some cupcakes for the office or your neighbors and add some pink frosting & heart shaped sprinkles. Spread the love all around. Here are some ideas to get your heart racing (as if antiquing isn’t enough).

A 50's apron like this one can be found at Alameda Point (Sold online at Heavenly Lingerie)

Buy vintage love letters and postcards. Sending an email to your object of affection with the subject line: BE MINE is not romantic! Set your flame’s heart on fire the old fashioned way, with a love letter. Use someone else’s prose to convey your true feelings, but it’s even better than a Hallmark card.

Vintage books with love stories or poems can bring out the romantic side. Imagine reading each other old tomes by the fire. Pick up some vintage wine glasses and buy a vintage bottle of wine at your local wine store and read each other something written in a bygone era.

Heart Shaped Vintage Valentine Candy Boxes are collectible because they make us feel nostalgic for our first loves and remain popular today. The old boxes are so beautiful and are a great way to store love letters, or odds & ends. I recommend storing your vintage hankies or gloves. Whatever you use them for, heart shaped boxes make pretty displays. The older boxes, back in the day, used to be filled with chocolates made with secret family recipes.

Look for vintage Valentine candy boxes at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire (Such Pretty Things)

If you haven’t tried vintage lingerie, Valentines is the perfect excuse to give it a whirl. Play up your wild side in a ravishing red vintage lace slip from the 50s. A baby doll set, in pink (as seen in Mad Men) will captivate your man. My collection includes white satin charmeuse gowns so I can channel Jean Harlow from the 30s and rayon ruffled pink gowns cut on the bias from the 40s.

Be sultry in satin like Jean Harlow

Ladies, you don’t need a date for Valentine’s if you’re wearing rayon satin loungewear from the 40s. You’ll love these vintage pajamas and they feel like heaven.

Speaking of heaven, on April 16, 2011 you’ll be in vintage heaven at the Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire. Stock up on vintage lingerie that you can even wear as outerwear! It will be held at a new location: the glamorous “O” Club at Alameda Point. The ballrooms are 1940s style and that’s the theme for our spring show. Think World War II, Film Noir and Pin-up girls. It’s all happening at historic Alameda Point, formerly a naval air station.

When faced with all of the generic teddy bears, balloons, and boxes of chocolates when out buying your laundry detergent, isn’t it nice to know that you can find sentimental, unique treasures, be green, and recycle all in one trip to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire? Now that’s something to love…

Happy Valentine’s Day Vintage Lovers!

See my full article in The Point Magazine for February for more vintage style tips:

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