The Mad Men Remedy

October 1, 2011

Are you having Mad Men withdrawals? Are you watching Netflix re-runs on instant queue wistfully longing for your Don Draper fix while drinking heavily and chain smoking? Or imagining that you are?

Betty needs a fix! (courtesy of AMC)

Longing for Don... (courtesy of AMC)

Did you run to Banana Republic for the Mad Men Collection and start mixing martinis for mannequins?

At the Mad Men Banana Republic party making Mocktails for my new office mate


Hold the phone! Until the season 5 premiere in March of 2012, we have the remedy…shop for true Mad Men fashion at the Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire at the O’ Club. Get ready to knock them out with your style for the holidays in one of a kind looks for less.

Joan has the fall colors in the bag (AMC)

We’ll have 3 ballrooms of top vintage from the 1960’s to bring your Mad Men fashion fantasies to life. Shift dresses, neon color and aviator glasses reflecting the Mod mood of 1965 (last season). As for men’s looks, we have the top men’s vintage dealers in the West Coast selling at our faire.

Roberto and Jula of City Vintage who specialize in the retro look with hats, skinny ties and skinny lapels, sharkskin suits, and pocket squares will get that Sterling Cooper style sewn up for you.

Vintage Apparel by Ardis Taylor will offer 1960’s mens suits and incredible restored vintage shoes to have that dapper Don Draper style in a jiffy. Since he supplies costumes to films such as “Ray”, “The Hudsucker Proxy”, and “Ali” just to name a few, you know our dealers are pros and have you covered.

We have many Mad Hatters at our show. (Pun intended). If you’ve ever wanted to invest in a hat, vintage is the way to go.

Don Draper sports the perfect hat (AMC)

STYLE TIP: The key to a hat, whether it be a fedora or a Panama is fit. Remember to try it on with a vintage dealer advising you. All hats are different, from its shape, dimensions, and fabric. Therefore, they are all going to fit everybody uniquely.

There will be 50 booths of glamorous fashion. Women will find stunning cocktail dresses galore, some with beaded collars. Score shrugs and wool coats with oversized buttons. Scour aisles of affordable jewels in a dazzling array of colors and designer couture that would make Betty Draper drool! Look for secretary day dresses with matching jackets to impress your boss. Leopard print is the cat’s meow. There will be plenty to make you purr. Get your holiday party dresses at our vintage fashion faire and you’ll be the belle of the ball.

Cocktail dress at the VFF (MK Retro)


Blue Bone Express is back by popular demand. Last fall they played the Mad Men theme song as they marched through our fall Vintage Fashion Faire during the costume contest and it was a big hit! This show, we get more hot jazz from these stylish gents.

Cocktails anyone? Sip cocktails on our preview/early buy party 10/21,  6-9 PM courtesy of our neighbors St. George Spirits who will be providing samples of their new gin.

So get your Mad Men fix on 10/21 and 10/22 at the Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire.

You’d be mad to miss it!

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