Spring is Green.

May 2, 2012

How did you celebrate Earth Day? Here at Alameda Point, recycling and re-use is our business and keeping other people’s old stuff out of landfill is our mission. In other words, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. We love to see the most over-the-top, outrageous vintage decor get wheeled off of our show field. You never know what you’re going to find at our monthly show with 800 booths of antiques and collectibles. We’ve seen it all. Well…not yet. Every month is a new surprise!

Look who's Green at Alameda Point!


In our modern world of constant production, we advocate wearing and collecting vintage fashion. It is re-cycling existing, pre-loved garments and injecting them with new appreciation & giving them life.

Vintage clothing at the Point


Here at Alameda Faires (Antiques By The Bay),  saving the planet is an issue close to our Heart.


If you want to get the stylish, feminine look of the ladies of Mad Men or the office swagger of the executives of those 60’s ad men, look no further than the Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire on May 18th & 19th. Every clothing decade will be represented and most garments pre-1960 are made in the USA. There will also be patterns, textiles,  & buttons for those sewing talents who wish to create their own garments and textiles for the crafty folks attending. Also, re-purposed vintage delights by hot designers that have shops on Etsy selling their designs too. Endless ways to re-purpose and re-use await those with a flare for the unique so don’t miss this amazing shopping opportunity that’s good for the planet and for the pocketbook.

Mad Men fashionable ladies

Re-purposed vintage button jewelry at the fall Vintage Fashion Faire 2011


On Friday night, May 18th, we time travel back to the glamour of air travel “Pan Am” style. Back when we didn’t have to get a security pat down or X-ray screenings and service was always with a smile. (See our Vintage Fashion Faire page for more details). Our costume contest is at 8PM in the Main Ballroom with a $100 voucher for the grand prize winner to shop the show.

Pan Am girls out of uniform

Retro 60's Fashion TV ~Pan Am Style


You can always get to us by public transportation. There are buses and ferries running to our event and don’t forget to take our free shuttle service at the monthly antiques faire.

Be glam & green. Stay stylish in vintage. See you at the Point. Happy Hunting.

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