Gone Swimmin’…Your forecast for summer: It’s going to be hot in Retro Swim Style.

August 3, 2011

Here’s my Vintage Style Solutions column in The Point from last month:


Rejoice, beach goers! Have you heard? It’s officially summer! That means it’s bathing suit season, but fear not Faire goers. The retro trend is making waves.

Look for flattering styles to fit every shape and size.  Designers have brought back the maillot, with its basic tunic shaped sheath design that offers coverage yet is still seductive.

vintage needlepoint bathing suit in Vogue

Swim skirts, ruching, fuller coverage, and wide straps all ensure you’ll be glamorous and sexy—and with just the right amount of skin on display. The new swimsuits have updated functional fabrics but the originals had some extraordinary construction, fun patterns and came in a dazzling range of colors and prints.

You can have the look of the 40′s, 50′s and the 1960′s pin-ups and big screen movie icons with the modern 2011 swimsuits.  At the Point you can still find plenty of the authentic, bathing suits from a bygone era. Sometimes they are unworn (dead-stock) with the tags still attached. Maybe you’ll find his & her “Sweetheart” suits in matching Hawaiian or Polynesian 40’s prints to show your jungle love. Plan a beach picnic basket with finds from the faire. There are splendid beach spots in Alameda to escape to this summer for a little romance.

vintage bathing suit ad


Anthropologie catalog swimsuit 2011, by Pez D'or

Some collectors buy bathing suits for art and inspiration and many dealers at our upcoming fall Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire (on Saturday, 10/22/11 with a special preview party on the evening of Friday, 10/21/11 from 6-9 PM) will have some designer styles to choose from.  Even the 80’s one-piece suits are making a comeback so you will certainly see some wild prints & bold colors!

Get a kick out of these beach shoes -Ad 1940's


I enjoy vintage ads of swimsuits and loads of vintage magazines can be found at Alameda Point every month. I love to collect vintage postcards and old photos and they can be found for as little as one dollar each.  So even if you don’t take home a vintage swimsuit you can take home a bit of history of some bathing beauties.

Marilyn Monroe in the perfect suit & accessories


So take a dip… into your wallet, and hit the Point.


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