Raining on our parade.

June 4, 2011
Vintage pin-up caught in a storm on her way to the Faire!

June is the month you think of beach parties, back yard BBQ's and putting the top down on your convertible to take a long ride on the backroads, right? Think again. Mother Nature is thinking of something else this month by sending a thunderstorm right on our antique show weekend. Raining on our parade is not a very nice thing to do, leaving all our vintage loving shoppers like this lovely lass, out in the cold! Management at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire doesn't like to cancel shows due to stormy weather, especially in the summertime! Luckily, we have a new Rain Rollover Policy so that means, you get to shop the show every month and sellers can... Continue reading

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Vintage Fashion Faire Recap: Looks to Die For at the O’ Club

June 1, 2011
Trappings of Time booth

It was vintage heaven at the Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire, held for the first time at the O’ Club on Saturday April 16, 2011. Last Fall’s strong early buy was beat this spring by the determined shoppers at 10AM, when the buying frenzy began. The flow continued steadily throughout the day, filling up the show parking lot. Show Producer Sandra Michaan reported that most dealers were selling a wide range of merchandise and there was a a buzz of wonder throughout the day, as enthusiastic shoppers wandered from room to room snapping up vintage scores, buying bags full of quality merchandise. One happy customer e-mailed show management: “I really... Continue reading

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A nice day for a white wedding.

April 30, 2011
Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco

The birth of the Alameda Point Antiques Faire was around the time of Princess Diana's passing. I remember this clearly because there was so much memorabilia at the time. Since our show has a 20 year or older rule for items, no new merchandise is permitted to be sold so the commemorative Beanie Baby of Princess Diana was not allowed. Everything referring to her was selling at a record prices, from china to jewelry. Now, the Charles & Diana wedding collectibles are allowed at our show. Time flies... If you attended the spring Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire held at the O' Club, you must have noticed that there were beautiful vintage bridal gowns... Continue reading

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April 2011~Featured Dealers~Blue Canoe Reloaded

April 27, 2011

April's featured dealers, Tim & Lisa of Blue Canoe/Reloaded are both artists and specialize in scenery and props. Their booths are a creative display of wonderment. They come all the way to Alameda every month from Newport Beach, California and they told us that the Alameda Point Antiques Faire is the one show they sell at on a regular basis. Visit them in spaces P2 & P3 and prepare to be wowed!         You can visit their blog at BlueCanoeReloaded and see more of what they bring to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire every month. (Photos by Jara Ra)... Continue reading

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Fashion Beyond the Grave: Dark Shadow’s Scribe Couture Collection Offered at the O’ Club

April 14, 2011

If designer fashion from beyond the grave is what fascinates you, you won't want to miss this special collection. Never shown at any other venue, this bounty is offered exclusively by our dealer Sally Farrell in booth #143 in the Main Ballroom at the Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire at the O' Club on Saturday, April 16th. Violet Welles is the writer for the original Dark Shadows series between 1969 and 1970. She wrote over 80 episodes in total. The character of Violet Collins in Return to Collinwood may have been named for her. She was a couture fashion collector and the clothes offered here indicate that she may have worn them at one of the many Dark... Continue reading

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Vintage Glamour, O’ Yes!

April 6, 2011
A farewell toast to a screen goddess

Countdown to the vintage extravaganza we've all been waiting for. Spring is finally here and with it, floral fantasies, dreams of sun beams and spring blossoms fill the air. Last weekend's Alameda Point Antiques Faire gave us the dose of fresh air we all needed and now we are charged up and ready to take in some serious Hollywood glamour. The historic O' Club is where we will find crystal chandeliers, wood paneled walls, tufted leather couches, jazz piano music and historic vintage eye candy galore. Whether you're a collector or a clothing designer, fashion student (all students are free with a valid student ID), stylist, showgirl, personal shopper,... Continue reading

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